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At Elhady Orthodontics, we are committed to the care of your amazing smile for life!. We want you to always be proud of your smile. That’s why we offer the Elhady Orthodontics Lifetime Smile Guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your orthodontic result, even if your teeth have shifted due to poor retainer wear, we will retreat your case at just the cost of braces or Invisalign, your choice. Its one more way we can help you keep the smile you love. Ask us for details at our Burke or Fairfax locations.

Our treatment process

Making people smile is the best profession in the world. To be a part of the process and help guide each patient along the path is empowering, challenging, exciting, and gratifying. Working with people is what life is all about. Straight teeth to me is just one aspect of orthodontics; the smile of a patient when we unveil their new smile is really the realization you have brought some happiness to someone’s life. I love helping people on their journey to realizing that they have a beautiful smile just waiting to be created. My team and I love our patients because we love everything about them that makes them unique. From all walks of life, each person comes to the orthodontic process with a unique set of circumstances and needs that we strive to cater to.
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